Gregory Alan Lunsford

Hello my name is Greg Lunsford; welcome to my online resume. My background is in all aspects of video production (pre through post), photography, motion graphic arts, audio editing, and e-learning.headshot-web

I am very passionate about everything I do and the media arts have always been a part of my life; most of all being behind a camera. I have always loved taking pictures and shooting video. So, when I finally started on a path to harness my passion into a career I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way.

My journey started with an Associates Degree in Video in Motion Graphics from Madison Media Institute (MMI). A semester in to my degree I accepted a position with MMI to tutor students in the classes I had just finished. By my third semester, me and another student had started shooting videos for the Milwaukee Iron Arena Football team and by the time I graduated; MMI had offered me a position as a Teaching Assistant, I was working as a freelance videographer and doing some post-production work. This motivated me to want to understand the business side of the industry more.

Two years later, I earned my Bachelors Degree in Entertainment Media and Business. My experiences throughout my bachelor’s were invaluable as it forced me to step out of my comfort zone and face a few fears in the process. It gave me a better understanding of marketing and how to use social media as a tool to promote my passion.

Also during this time, Madison Media Institute was shifting all of their courses to have some kind of online presence and some course to being online completely. I heard about an opening MMI had as an e-learing assistant to help with their new Moodle based
e-learning classes. I applied, landed the position and within a year I was promoted to their e-learning coordinator. In this new position I was creating a variety of different learning assets, assisting instructors with managing their online course and managing nearly all of the material on their LMS.

After finishing my bachelor’s, I started working on my Master’s degree in Educational Media and Design at Full Sail University. Stemming from my experiences with MMI, my master’s focused around Instructional Design and online course development. By this time, I was working at The Geo Group Corp. as their E-Learning Specialist and being solely responsible for all of their e-learning clients and most of their video work as well.

I finished my master’s in December of 2013 and started with Pentair a month before that. I love my position with Pentair. The time with them has been incredible. I’ve learned so much about video production and marketing at a technical and corporate level. There are countless obstacles that I face. So, I learned quickly to trouble shooting on the fly, meeting tenacious deadlines, shoot all day stay up all night and present the next morning, converting CAD and STEP files into 3D animated models and the list goes on and on. But I love everything I do and look forward to the future.

I have always stayed busy outside of my day job as well. Whether, I’m operating a camera for Stephen Tomczyk of AVXtra Live Video Streaming, flying drones, shooting video and/or editing with Jacob Sailing of Red Stop Productions, shooting a wedding with Steve Love of Powerhouse Productionz or shooting aerial video and images for a corporation or home owner. I love life behind a lens at every altitude.

I hope you enjoyed my story and thank you for your time.
Check out some of my videos and best wishes today and always.

~ Gregory Alan Lunsford